Luna's Eternal Light Miss Vita

When we decided on getting a dog, we set our criteria high. We wanted a dog that doesn't shed, is good with kids, is small and likes living in an apartment, doesn't smell, doesn't require a lot of physical activity... At last we found it. Although we waited for her litter for almost a year, the wait was worth it. We couldn't believe we found our perfect dog in Vita.

Vita comes from a long line of champions from the kennel "Luna's Eternal Light"

Vita is our first dog. She's cheerful, playful and not at all nervous. Since she was little she was popular amogst other pets in the neighbourhood and their owners. As soon as she would see somebody she liked she would lie on her back and wait to be petted. She even sometimes "speaks" to the people she likes more. Every night she welcomes us by the door wagging her tail and "speaking". Although she is a bit mischievous, we never had problems with her barking or fighting with other dogs.



She is so beautiful that we couldn't resist going to shows with her. Since she is very inteligent, we had no problems with training her for the shows. She turned out to be a real show dog. In little over a year she won the titles of  Croatian junior beauty champion (JCH-CRO), Croatian beauty champion (CH-CRO), Junior club winner 2010, Club winner 2010 and 2xBOB. She got her breeding permit on a breeding review 26. 06. 2010. in Zagreb.

She showed how sensitive and caring she can be, becoming a mother for the first time. We love her more as every day passes by, because she is getting smarter and prettier by the day.